What a long, strange journey to Showtime it has been since 2017.....

February 2021

newsletters and social networks.

March 2020

san francisco

September 2019

the book is here

July 2019

it's book tour time, baby

May 2019

the impermanent internet

April 2019

preface: they say you have at least eighteen years to write your first album. and only eighteen months to write your second one. in most creative…

March 2019

Hello everyone! We interrupt your regularly scheduled newslettering with a very special announcement. after 18 months, unhealthy over-caffeination and…
after a few posts and some (negative) feedback from friends, i will attempt to write something about tech. fear not — my newsletter will still be weird…

February 2019

one of my grandmothers — i forgot which, and both are now gone — used to collect porcelain jesus dolls with big eyes and foreheads. they were part of a…
once i start charging you fucjers this beautiful berner named Bruna will make it all worth it
i grew up in texas, which means i grew up knowing what it was like to walk around with a sweating ass. fort worth — dfw, the metroplex — was pretty hot…