Mike Isaac: Cruisin' USA

it's book tour time, baby

hi kids

been a minute since i wrote a newsletter, so im gonna have to start doing that again. frankly, i blame twitter.

but on to more important things. namely, a chance to hang out IN PERSON, TOGETHER, for my BOOK TOUR!

my book on Uber comes out September 3rd in the United States and the United Kingdom (PRE ORDER IT NOW) , and i’m doing a tour to promote it. yes, i will actually leave my house, something that will be difficult for me, a hermit who loves nothing but his dog and the tv.

for real though, i’d love to meet you and hopefully say some interesting things about Uber, tech and Silicon Valley writ large in a series of conversations i’ll be having with authors and journalists around the country. we’re doing roughly a dozen dates in the U.S. plus a few in London, and I’ll continuously be adding to my events page on my website as we schedule more through the end of 2019 and into 2020.

Details below:

more info available on the EVENTS section of my site, below, and I’ll be updating it regularly as we get closer to the tour with addresses, conversation partners and links to ticket sales. (some of these tickets will go fast, so hop on ‘em!)


if you want to come out and buy a signed copy of my book — plus shoot the shit with me in public, or possibly call me names and yell at me if you dont like my coverage — it would mean the world to me!

ta ta for now. i promise ill blog more things that are (slightly) less self-promotional soon.